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Virtual tours are much more than just images or videos

They are interactive experiences that allow the user to interact with surrounding spaces, businesses, and even monuments, from the comfort of their home. It's like taking a digital walk with exceptional detail and realism.

The importance of these projects becomes even more apparent when we consider their impact on businesses. From the tourism sector to the construction and real estate industry, businesses utilize virtual tours to showcase their offerings in a way that attracts customers.

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Photos & Video in a Virtual Tour

The power of display with 360° virtual tours is double compared to other methods via the internet.

In the real estate sector, for example, a virtual tour

offers customers a complete view of the property they are interested in buying or renting, while tourism businesses can show travelers their destination in an impressive and attractive way.

Ξενοδόχεια σε νησιά που παρουσιάζονται με 360 εικονική περιήγηση
Παρουσίαση επιχειρήσεων σε πόλης μέσο 360 εικονικής περιήγησης

Besides promotion, virtual tours also help

increase consumer trust. Customers have the opportunity to explore a space before deciding to buy or use a product or service, providing them with a higher level of certainty.